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Paint Pour Tool

This pour tool makes pouring paint out of a can easier and with less worry about spilling and clean up. It’s compatible with all sizes of paint cans too!


Plastic Drop Cloth With Tape

A time and space saver!  Easily roll out a plastic drop cloth & tape it down at once to the area you need to cover and protect from paint drippings. 


Glad Press'n Seal

Such a versatile product. The three most common uses I have for it are to wrap up paintbrushes and rollers while I take a break, lay it over your paint tray to keep your paint from drying out, and cover floors or tuck into carpet edges to protect from paint drips.


Small Canning Jars

This size of jar is helpful to store touch-up paint, and any little nails or screws you need during your project. 


Plaid Folk Art Brushes

No bulky paintbrushes used here! These paintbrushes are just the right size to help cover a surface area as well as get into the nooks and crannies. It’s all about control when you’re painting and these brushes allow that to happen. And bonus, they’re easy to clean up!


Mini Paint Roller

These rollers are the perfect size for your decorative, cabinet, doors, and furniture painting projects. Easy to handle, and easy to clean too.


Small Trays with a Handgrip

The grip on these trays saves your hands and muscles. They’re comfortable to hold while you paint, helping to not spill any.


Plastic Blades

Safer to use during the cleaning process to remove any gunk and grime from surfaces than a real razor blade. But, just as effective. 


Snap Off Blade Knife

Necessary to have when taping before a project and when you’re ready to pull the tape after a project. The snap off blade makes it easy and convenient to always have a sharp, functioning blade.


Frog Tape

My favorite painting tape! For all of the various painting projects I do, it gently yet effectively adheres to surfaces, and always pulls up cleanly. I don’t use any other type of tape. 

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