Caren Brumleve Freelance Artist
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My Mission

As a creative business owner and artist, I feel a responsibility to those people I serve. When asked to do a project I’ve never done before I have drawn on my collective skills and past experiences with products and done what most people in my position would do, I Google it!! What I’ve found is a great deal of misinformation and poor practice for an enduring paint finish. My goal is to present tried and true information on a variety of paint finishes that can be trusted to last many years. Whether you’re a DIYer or a Pro, quality products are key and my technique is the “Secret Sauce” to help your pieces stand out and withstand years of common use.

About Me
Caren Brumleve

Hello, I’m Caren Brumleve and I’m an artist who not only owns a decorative painting company, but I also help empower women in the DIY space to conquer those home projects with confidence by giving them the professional instruction and tools they need to bring their visions to life.

Decorative painting (for those unfamiliar with the term) does not include the solid color of gray or blue you’ve chosen for your walls but the fun stuff like murals, faux finish, and really and kind of paint finish that actually makes you notice the wall. I also paint and custom woodgrain furniture, cabinets, and doors as well as so many other finishes. My business started off very differently. As a trained artist, I’ve picked up many varied skills and I continue to add new specialties regularly.

I’m a city girl from Detroit, living on 20 acres in an area of the earth not even big enough to be called a city but a rural township. Really! The closest town has a population of around 200. I’ve been here nearly 30 years and I’m still adjusting. Truly though, there’s no better place on earth to raise a family. Which by the way is where my darling husband and I have raised our three unique and kinda weird children (they get it honestly!!). With the kids growing up and moving out we now just pick on each other, and annoy our dogs, horses, and way too many cats.

I am quirky, weird, and passionate about a lot of things starting with God and family. I talk freely about my love of God and the blessing of artistic ability I’ve been given. More than anything I really want to serve people by giving honest, proven information and encouragement to help beautify their homes and help them to feel more beautiful themselves!

custom woodgraining | gel stain | faux finish | cabinet & furniture painting | murals | limewash brick & stone

Caren Brumleve Freelance Artist

Caren Brumleve