To Paint Your Cabinets or Not to Paint?

You’ve seen it on Pinterest, you’ve seen it on Facebook, everywhere you look beautiful painted cabinets are staring you in the face and asking: “Shouldn’t you paint your cabinets?” At which point you become so overwhelmed with all of the “what if’s?” that you want to curl into the fetal position until daybreak!

Don’t break out the weighted blanket and aromatherapy candles yet!! There are a few very simple questions you can ask yourself to determine the right course of action for your kitchen woes.

#1 – “How does your kitchen make you feel?” Spoken like a true decor therapist (yep, I made that up!)

Are you happy when you’re in your kitchen or do you feel run down, or like you should be scrubbing something to make it brighter in there? Does it stress you out because it feels dingy and unwelcoming? Do you try to reroute guests in your home to avoid the kitchen?

Let’s face it, your kitchen is the heart of most homes and the real gathering place for family and friends on formal and informal occasions. If you don’t feel fantastic in your kitchen, then how can you BE fantastic in your kitchen? If your kitchen still makes you feel as beautiful as the first day you walked into it then your answer is likely “No!”. Don’t be pressured by well-intended friends and family to change features in your kitchen that you still love. Ultimately you’re the one who’ll live there! If that’s not the case and your kitchen is wearing you down then it may be time for a change.

#2 – “Are your cabinets made from quality material and craftsmanship?”

Whether your cabinets have tons of Corbels and Dental Moulding (Yes that is a thing, I didn’t make that up!), or are a simple Shaker Style cabinets, there is a range in cabinet quality. If your kitchen has standard custom or semi-custom cabinets (solid wood doors and cabinet, particleboard ends, and shelving), you’ll look to pay less than 1/3 of the cost of brand new cabinets installed to have them painted by a professional reputable cabinet painter. But if your cabinets are loosening at the hinges, crooked, or just plain falling apart? No amount of high-quality paint and primer will be able to correct them! A certain amount of wear and sun damage to quality cabinets would be an easy repair but if the cracks in the doors are large enough to hide the sesame seeds from your morning bagel, the cost may not get you the value you’re looking for!

#3 – “Are you wanting to update for financial reasons?”

I don’t think this refers to you’re Aunt Sally coming from California. Most likely people in this situation are thinking of the resale value of their home. Whether you’re flipping a home, getting ready to sell your home because you’ve just found your “Dream Home”, or you’re getting on in years and are thinking of how much less your estate will value because your kitchen’s covered front to back in Golden Oak!! (Yes we’ve been curing “The Golden Oak” with paint and stain for years!!). I’ll say it again, a good professional reputable cabinet painter can improve the value of your home!!

As you can see there are many things to consider when trying to make the monumental(ok.. maybe not that big) decision to paint your cabinets or not. Asking yourself just a few basic questions and researching quality cabinet painting professionals can alleviate so much of the stress and keep you out of therapy!!

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Caren Brumleve